OrthNet was established in 2004 as the umbrella organization to provide administrative and technical support for www.cerkiew.pl and www.orthphoto.net. Cerkiew.pl is the largest website in Poland about Orthodoxy Christianity. And, Orthphoto.net is a site where Orthodox Christian photographers from all over the world share their photos of Orthodox places, people, and events. A network of volunteers throughout Poland and beyond maintains both sites. Since the beginning of OrthNet we have organized and designed our work to promote Orthodox Christianity on the internet and to be a bridge between organisations and individuals throughout the world.

Beginning this year we will take our experience gained over the past 15 years to begin new projects and to bring a wider perspective to our current project. Our main goals are:

  1. Networking: to be a crucial networking tool on the local and global level to help organizations and individuals communicate and work together in a more effective way on projects relevant to Orthodox Christianity.
  2. Multimedia: to be a platform and a venue to promote various media as it relates to Orthodox Christianity.
  3. help fundraise money and support small NGO-s in organizing social projects
  4. to support and promote the activity of the clergy and laity of the Church

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